Boat Cleaning and Valeting Services.

TFWV Marine provide Boat Cleaning and Valeting Services for all types of boats and yachts.

For example, Machine Polishing and Waxing on faded hulls and superstructures to restore shine and clarity. Hardstanding works such as Antifouling, Propeller and Shaft cleaning on your boat or sailing yacht can be provided upon request.

If you require a more bespoke service onboard your boat, do not hesitate to contact us completing the form below.


TFWV Marine are the trusted and approved contractors for Boat Cleaning and Valeting at Premier Marinas and MDL Marinas on the River Hamble, Southampton and the River Thames. Without question, we will of course always accommodate any bespoke cleaning and boat polishing requests for boat owners in all independent marinas across the South Coast and London.

Machine Polishing and Waxing.

Restore shine and clarity.

Machine Polishing and Waxing for superstructures and hull sides. This service ensures a visibly enhanced glossy finish. Your boat will be fully waxed once the surface has been polished, reducing hard maintenance while you enjoy time aboard.

Machine polishing is typically suited as an annual service. Tired or faded gelcoats may be subject to viewing to ensure an accurate quote.


For more information contact TFWV Marine about Machine Polishing in your Marina.

TFWV Marine Machine Polishing and Waxing

Monthly Wash Off's.

Maintenance and Care.

Monthly Wash Off’s provided by TFWV Marine are ideal for boat owners that want their boat looking her best between machine polishing. A monthly wash off on your boat in your marina all year round consist of a soapy boat wash and rinse to remove bird strikes and general fouling. We clean the entire superstructure to deck level whilst she is on her mooring. Cleaning her hull is available only if we can gain safe access.


For more information contact TFWV Marine about Monthly Wash off’s in your Marina.

TFWV Marine Monthly Wash Off Service

Teak Cleaning and Sealing.

Restore faded decks.

Teak Cleaning and Sealing for tired and faded decks on your boat. TFWV Marine can restore teak decks and flybridges, steps and swim platforms with a two-part chemical clean. Ideally suited for newly installed decks or decks that are in good or reasonable condition. To minimise stains and water marks we can advise on a Teak Sealing service to provide protection. Not only to protect, sealing will give decks a natural colour.



For more information contact TFWV Marine about Teak Cleaning and Sealing in your Marina.

TFWV Marine Teak Cleaning and Sealing


Care below the waterline.

Antifouling for your boat or sailing yacht provided by TFWV Marine. Antifouling is an important part of boat maintenance and TFWV Marine use premium brands such as International Paints, Hempel and Sea-Jet. We can prepare you hull while she is on the hardstanding and apply two coats as a minimum.

Scale and growth build-up on your boats running gear will impact performance. Have your Propeller and Shaft polished at same time by TFWV Marine. ​

For more information contact TFWV Marine about Antifouling, Prop and Shaft cleaning in your Marina.

TFWV Marine Antifouling Service

Canopy Laundering and Repairs.

Protection and longevity.

Canopy Laundering and Repairs for boat canopies provided by TFWV Marine. If your canopy, tonneau cover or sail covers are looking tired and in need of cleaning, we can help.

Professional laundering to remove salt crystals, green algae and stains.

We offer laundering and reproofing, repairs and advice.


For more information contact TFWV Marine about Canopy Laundering and Repairs in your Marina.


TFWV Marine Canopy Laundering Service

Ceramic Coating.

100% surface protection.

Ceramic Coating for hull sides and superstructures.

Protection against UV fading on gelcoat and painted surfaces. This product is suited to clients requiring a harder wearing, longer lasting alternative to conventional wax protection. Ceramic Coating can be applied to your boat in your marina.

See our sister company for full details on ceramic coating your boat.


TFWV Marine Ceramic Coating Service